About us

Krullstone Publishing, LLC began as Executype in 1977, primarily as a small-scale publisher for educational publications and graphic design.


The year 2011 marked a turning point in our publishing company.  We expanded our publications into new genres, including fantasy, children’s books, non-fiction topics, and cookbooks!  We continue to expand and grow as writers and authors are discovering how Krullstone Publishing truly helps them achieve their goals.  We've recently added terrific publishing packages to assist every type of writer there is!  In addition, our highly-effective marketing strategies are a must-have for any author!


It is our opinion that all reading — whether it be fiction, non-fiction, biographical, or any other genre — involves and stimulates a measure of fantasy, imagination, and wonderings.  This is a cornerstone of our business and the driving principle behind all we do, including our selection of titles, authors, artists, and our company branding.


We look forward to bringing readers and families around the world a plethora of quality products for non-stop enjoyment! Welcome to Krullstone!