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We have 40 years of publishing experience that encompasses everything from design to marketing. We’ll show you how to get published. We promote our authors and help them build their portfolios. It’s time to put your book in the hands of a boutique firm that will ethically manage its production from start to finish!
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Welcome to Krullstone Publishing! We’ve been publishing for 40 years so we know the business well! We are knowledgeable about how the traditional book publishing world used to operate and how it has evolved. We fully understand the ins and outs. Best of all, we are an author’s advocate from start to finish, which means we always go the extra mile to insure your product is the best it can be and professionally represents you and your work. Krullstone Publishing truly is different! If you want a publishing experience that is positive and fulfilling, give us a try!

• Every author is unique. A publishing package will be created specifically for your needs and intentions. You can review the options presented on our website; one of those might be just what you’re looking for! If not, no worries! We’ll prepare a proposal per your request.
• Whenever you call or write, you’ll be met with a pleasant voice and kind words. Our author support is unprecedented.
• Krullstone is extremely knowledgeable about pre- and post-publishing and everything in between. We bring the right tools to the job. We’ve got answers so you’ll never have to stumble around in the dark. We have conversations with you and meaningful correspondence. The excellence we bring to the table increases your potential long-term.
• Clarity is evident in all of our communications. We take the time to explain things you may not understand or have a knowledge of.
• While our team works efficiently and quickly, Krullstone avoids breakneck speed publishing where possible. While publishing a book in a week or two is certainly possible, the speed won’t compensate for the errors. We check and recheck and check again to get things as right as possible.
• Krullstone brings the personal touch back to the real world. We appreciate your business, and it shows.
• At Krullstone, you get the company. Everyone is involved in your project. We invest in great people; the quality of our work matches the quality of the team members providing it.
• We’re excited to help you! Let us answer your questions and get you started with a package prepared just for you! We’re only a phone call away — (205) 687-7729 or (205) 681-9455.
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